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Alex Whaler provides a full range of marine & offshore support services to ship owners and operators around the globe, as well as the ability to blend those services together in unique combinations to meet specific customer needs. Guided by our values and experience. We aim to deliver excellence in every area in which we operate, with safety being our number one priority.

Ship Building Solutions

Alex Whaler Shipbuilding Solutions is a maritime project agency with worldwide network of professional partners in shipbuilding industry specialized in the design and construction of all types of vessels (OSV, Tankers, Fishing-Patrol-Crew boats, Military, Cargo & Luxury Yachts) Also hull material from Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber to Fiber Glass.
We support clients with the realization of new and innovative projects, from concept to completion. Alex Whaler Shipbuilding Solutions strength lies in the unique combination of theoretical knowledge of design, regulations and shipbuilding and extensive practical experience with shipbuilding and navigation.

Design: We offer naval architectural basic and detailed design services. Depending on the project size we work together with selected professionals in the field of Design, Stability and Construction.

Oil And Gas Offshore Services

Alex Whaler offers in continental and deep offshore a wide range of support services that includes supplying offshore installations and vessels – towing, anchoring, and positioning of offshore installations – support to floating oil & gas production, integrated logistics services, assistance, salvage and pollution remediation all of that and more In association with our alliance partners Alex Whaler offers global turnkey solutions to a diverse array of clients.

Ship Management

Delivering safe and compliant operations through transparency, pro-activeness, and strong partnerships. Alex Whaler provides a full range of ship management and marine support services to ship owners and operators around the globe for all types of vessels, as well as the ability to blend those services together in unique combinations to meet specific customer needs. Guided by our proficiency, we aim to deliver excellence in every area in which we operate, with safety being our number one priority. Alex Whaler is able to set measure and deliver the industry leading standards for safety, compliance, environmental protection and service quality. We demonstrate the know-how, commitment, and drive to help all our customers achieve their goals, through cost-effective, safe, and performance-enhancing asset management – wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Ship Brokerage

Acting as intermediaries between directly contracting counterparties, our broking have the expertise, experience and support structure to make deals happen. Bringing together buyers and sellers of secondhand ships and contracting new buildings in all major markets: OSV, PSV, AHTS, DP, subsea & DSV, rigs, containers, dry cargo, deep sea tankers, LPG and ammonia, LNG, petrochemical gases and specialized products – for chartering and sale and purchase.
As an expert shipbroker we are targeting offshore assets and shipping related investments in the international maritime market together with our clients’ network, ship owners and strong partners.

Tank Cleaning Services

Alex Whaler provides skilled personnel, specialized technology, safety and environmental programs required to clean and gas-free your tank almost any storage tank, regardless of its size and substance (Crude oil, Heavy oil, Fuel, Sludge, Wastewater …etc) to ensure your project is completed safely, cost-effectively, efficiently, and to your satisfaction. Every tank upgrading project has its challenges, and we will work with you to optimize project safety, tank integrity as well as resources and materials.

Offshore Projects Management

Alex Whaler offers global turnkey solutions for your offshore projects starting from providing suitable vessel/s within budget and workforce till end of project and getting your certificate of appreciation from your client.

Diving, ROV and Rope Access

Alex Whaler provides combination of operating services and consultancy under water (Diving & ROV) and above also (Rope Access) through our professional partners worldwide. As an expert shipbroker we are targeting offshore assets and shipping related investments in the international maritime market together with our clients’ network, ship owners and strong partners.

Defense and Security

In the world of Defense and Security, leading the innovation means contributing to a safer tomorrow. We achieve this by Providing value added defense & security solutions (products & services) where clients, partners and governments can protect and drive the future.

Crew Management and Supply


Alex Whaler use stringent search and selection methods to ensure that manpower not only have the required professional qualifications, but also the required personality and language skills. In addition, we are fully committed to the professional development and education of all staff.
Our network of manpower service partners worldwide allows us to maintain a huge pool of highly qualified, motivated and dedicated manpower, who are equipped to meet the demanding requirements of their roles and are fully supported by shore-based personnel.


Attracting, recruiting, training, deploying and developing highly skilled seafarers for your vessels is the core purpose of our crew management business. You can be assured we will offer your fleet the right mix of crew, with the right skillsets and competence, at the right time, to optimize your vessel and commercial performance.
Whether you require a single specialist seafarer, or a turnkey solution for managing the full complement for every vessel in your fleet, Alex Whaler can offer you flexible and responsive crew management services tailored to suit your needs.

Shipping and Logistics

Alex Whaler provide a wide range of logistics services, The processes involved in getting the whatever to the wherever.


Alex Whaler worldwide provides efficient round-the-clock, first-class bunkering services to vessels of various types and sizes through multiple supply points (both in-port and out-port limit) and proficient blending capabilities. Alex Whaler is able to offer bunker fuel, lubricants and greases to cater to the specific needs of our customers at competitive prices.

Bridge Solutions

Alex Whaler supply and offers a choice of well-selected quality products produced by the world’s leading electronic manufacturers make your vessel’s bridge smarter, safer, more efficiency and saving time & assets.


Training your crew is essential to safe and successful operations, but it can be a complex and time-consuming process. With Alex Whaler blended learning solutions including on board training & shore training for your employees and seafarers including will comply with global shipping requirements and regulations to ensure having the skills they need for today and in future including:

  • ISM
  • ISPS
  • MLC
  • Crew Management
  • Offshore Project management
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Ship Certifications

Vessel Pre-Purchase Inspection

Alex Whaler offer pre-purchase vessel condition assessment services on major ports around the world. Our global network of expert ship inspectors enables us to appoint the best inspector nearest to the inspection port without any overhead cost.

Our inspectors have Chief Engineer and Technical Superintendent backgrounds and conduct the most efficient yet detailed assessments of the vessel condition. With unbiased assessment and judgment, they help to identify businesses’ exposure to potential risks from the purchase of second-hand vessels.

Annual DP Trial

Alex Whaler provide annual DP Trial in a series of tests to verify the integrity of the DP system. The trial improves the safety of the operations by encouraging vessel operators to carry out detailed, auditable tests on an annual basis, and verifying that the DP system is fully functional, well maintained and that the FMEA established remains valid.

The Annual Trial will demonstrate:

  • The vessel’s ability to maintain position following identified single failures.
  • The DP system is fully functional and well maintained.
  • Contributes to the effective management of the FMEA.
  • Ensures the best use of the time available for DP system tests.


The trial also provides an opportunity for training of the vessel’s crew, some of whom may be new to the vessel, particularly with respect to the effects of failures within the system and the actions to be taken in the event of those failures occurring.
The Annual DP Trial is carried out after the DP FMEA Proving Trial Program is done and usually takes about 1 to 2 days.

Marine & Certification Consultancy

Alex Whaler offers wide range of marine & vessel certification consultancy for your fleet include:

  • Preparation & implementation of ISM & MLC manuals and ISPS plans.
  • Training of your employee & seafarers regarding ISM, MLC, SSP, Flag state and Class/RO certificates.
  • Preparation of your employees, vessel & crew before ISM, MLC & ISPS audits and Class/RO inspection.
  • Dealing with flag state & Class/RO regarding renewals, transfer of Flag/Glass.

Ship Chandler

Alex Whaler providing a quality services to ships calling Egyptian ports supplying everything you would expect from a good ship chandlers, including deck and engine, food provisions, BA charts, publications, safety equipment and others.


Supplying healthy, wholesome and safe meals on a controlled budget might be hard to achieve, but with our procurement resources, you have the opportunity to provide balanced meals with quality ingredients on a predetermined budget, improving the health, happiness, welfare, and wellbeing of your passengers, guests, crew and offshore workers from day one.