Shipbuilding Solutions

Alex Whaler Shipbuilding Solutions is specialized in the design and construction of all types of vessels, also all hull material from Steel, Aluminum, Fiber Glass to Carbon Fiber.

High Quality Standards

The objective of our company is not just building ships, but to build the best ship quality considering the demands of our customers.

From beginning to end, each vessel is constructed with a level of superior craftsmanship and fine attention to detail that symbolizes Alex Whaler Excellence. Alex Whaler team works closely with the ship owner throughout the building process from requested specifications, outlines, design, components, manufacturing till sea-trials and delivery.

We support clients with the realization of new and innovative projects, from concept to completion.
Alex Whaler Shipbuilding Solutions strength lies in the unique combination of theoretical knowledge of design, regulations and shipbuilding and extensive practical experience with shipbuilding and navigation.

Our technical office and partners that are dedicated to the design of our ships to adapt them to the needs of the final costumer. All projects are developed using the best naval architectural basics, detailed design services and naval applications to show as much as possible the final result that the costumer contract then this design is used for the direct production of all the components.

From Alex Whaler perspective, quality is an important objective in all our shipbuilding projects. For this reason, we only use appropriate top-quality materials for this purpose, following the manufacturer’s specifications, and manipulated by qualified personnel following the guidelines of our quality standards and marine industry highest quality standards.

“The decision to build a custom vessel is based on many factors, including the experience, the passion and the professionalism. Alex Whaler is dedicated to making the vessel of your dreams a reality.”

By choosing Alex Whaler, we assure you to find a reliable response from the first contact to the delivery of the vessel, with the security of receiving your vessel with a quality that fully meets your needs, requirements and expectations within the deadlines agreed.

Quality objectives are defined annually, monitoring is carried out to control the degree of achievement of the same and having continuous improvement as one more objective.